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Our Services

Group Retirement Plans

We act as a consultant and talent scout for our qualified plan clients, guiding them through the design, implementation, servicing and maintenance of their retirement plans. We first help clients identify their plan’s goals and objectives, then we evaluate service providers and investment options and offer customized solutions. Our professionals also help plan sponsors navigate an ever-changing regulatory environment by coordinating fiduciary responsibilities. We want employees to participate and be well-informed as well, so we provide initial and on-going investment education. For more detailed information about our plan design services, please visit

Lytle Investments offers a fee-based platform for the following retirement plan types:

  1. 401(k) Plans: matching and discretionary contribution arrangements
  2. Profit-sharing Plans: age-weighted, new comparability, integrated and "plain vanilla" allocations
  3. Money Purchase Plans: age-weighted, new comparability and integrated allocations; and in combination with profit-sharing plans
  4. Tax Deferred Annuities: 403(b) programs for qualified non-profit organizations
  5. Deferred Compensation plans for select employees: 457(b) arrangements
  6. Defined Benefit Plans: for the solo consultant or practitioner and for larger companies where appropriate
  7. Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP) IRA’s and “Simple IRA plans"

Individual Investors

Lytle Investments offers a fee-based platform to individuals for the following types of accounts:

  1. IRA’s: Traditional, Roth, Non-Deductible
  2. Non qualified fee-based brokerage accounts
  3. Individual, Family & Corporate Wealth Management
  4. Endowments & Foundations